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Dream it, we can light it

We are the only company in Canada that manufactures our own led lights and have for the last 12 years which is why we stand behind our products like we do we live here  and know what  it takes to ride here in the elements.

We stand behind our product with the most extensive warranty on the market. All our lights come with a 6 year rated warranty  3 year full replacement  followed by 3 years  50% cost of replacement  light 

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Product List Available

We offer our high intensity hyper-lights in 3 6 and 9 light strips.
Our double flex comes in 10” 19” 29” and 38” wired at both ends so they can be cut to make 2 lights eliminating any loss turning your cut-offs into a new light.
Our flat strips offer you the option of putting a light where it is visible without being able to notice it when off. We offer these in 10”17”34” and 54” all lights are again wired at both ends and cut able.
We also offer special 7 color lights in 6 and 12” lengths these lights require 3 zones remote to make work.


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We offer a full install of all our products
We can find most parts and supplies for your ride through our extensive network of dealers and parts suppliers


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